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Corellaser tutorial

Here you can find details on how to uninstall it from your PC. The Windows release was developed by Lihuiyusoft Co. You can read more on Lihuiyusoft Co.

Tutorial 01: How to Prepare Picture for Laser Engraving with Corel Draw

Keep in mind that this path can differ being determined by the user's choice. EXE Sometimes, people try to remove it. This can be easier said than done because uninstalling this manually requires some experience regarding Windows program uninstallation.

Take the following steps on how to do this: 1. This is good because Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a very efficient uninstaller and general utility to take care of your Windows system. Take some time to get familiar with the program's design and number of features available. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a powerful program. Click on the General Tools button 4. Click on the Uninstall Programs feature 5.

All the programs installed on your PC will appear 6. Reviews by other people - Click on the Read reviews button. Technical information about the app you want to uninstall, by clicking on the Properties button. Click the Uninstall button. A window asking you to confirm will show up. Confirm the uninstall by clicking Uninstall.

Press Next to go ahead with the cleanup. Your Windows computer will remain clean, speedy and able to run without errors or problems.The following guidelines give a detailed step by step overview of how to set up your drawings for us in CorelDRAW Software.

corellaser tutorial

You can download a demo copy for free that you can use for up to 30 days. If using our materials, we recommend downloading our drawing templates, they help to verify scale and material type. Materials come in all different sizes depending on the maximum sheet size supplied from the manufacturer. Templates for CorelDRAW can be downloaded from the corresponding material page in the materials gallery.

Once downloaded, select and open the sheet size that is large enough for your components. Template sizes Try and use templates that suit best the scale of you drawings. The depth is very shallow and cosmetic just scratching the surface. These can be viewed in the materials gallery. All vectors you would like raster engraved must be indicated by a vector fill.

We have established optimized settings for all materials. In raster engraving terms the marking is cosmetic, shallow and typically a balance between legibility and cleanliness.

If you would like to achieve a deeper result or an engraving a little heavier let us know your specification. In laser terms depth is usually specified in microns.

It is achievable, but the laser has to run slowly meaning the concentrated heat build up makes the material appear quite burnt or heat scorched. It is also more expensive to process.

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Raster and vector engraving is not absolute science in terms of depth specification and therefore not suitable for making mechanical grooves or any features requiring precise depths. Achieving a certain depth is balance in variation between the laser power and speed. Try and make sure that all your vector paths are continuous.

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If lines are drawn from more than one path, make sure that you combine the paths. Draw with the least amount of nodes possible without sacrificing appearance.

If you can reduce them, we suggest you do. The machines will process you drawings quicker.

corellaser tutorial

Too many nodes can also have an affect on quality. This is to convert the text to vectors and preserve your font.This simple tutorial shows you how to get creative results just by using three basic CorelDRAW tools: the Polygon tool, the Pick tool and the Shape tool. This was one of the first tutorials ever published on www. CorelDRAW allows you to create polygons in a very intuitive way. Even though the Polygon tool does not seem like a very creative tool at a first glance it simply allows you to create multiple-sided polygonal shapesfollowing this tutorial you will be surprised of all of its capabilities.

To start, the first thing we need to do is to draw a basic polygon. To do this, click the Polygon tool and drag the cursor in the drawing window until the polygon is the size you want.

TIP : Keep the Ctrl key pressed to create a symmetrical polygon same size sides. Two of its nodes will appear highlighted, and the property bar will show options for editing nodes.

This allows you to create a variety of shapes. Take a look:. You can continue modifying the shape of the polygon by clicking and dragging the nodes and control handles. You can also apply a color fill to the polygon. As you can see in this example, I have applied a black color by clicking the appropriate color swatch in the color palette.

The best thing is that the original polygon continues being dynamic throughout this process, which means that you can change the number of sides as many times as you want. Give it a try!

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Your polygon will be transformed automatically into new shapes like in this example. As surprising as it may seem, all the shapes in the image below have been created using this technique. Save it to your computer by right clicking the link and selecting Save link as.

You will be able to interact with each polygon in this file and see for yourself all the possibilities and versatility of the CorelDRAW Polygon tool.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. Download your FREE day trial for Windows or Mac and break down creative barriers with the new collaboration tools, variable fonts, AI-based effects and image enhancements, and much more.

Break down creative barriers with CorelDRAW Graphics Suiteyour go-to graphic design software for professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more. A complete design suite for home and students.

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Edit photos and create reports, drawings, flyers, ads, business cards, logos and more. With plenty of room to sketch, paint and design, this medium-sized tablet is a popular choice for artists and designers. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

HDR High Dynamic…. There is an endless amount of Star Wars digital art and illustrations out there. Tapping this button on your iPhone 5 will toggle HDR mode on…. Why is iPhone Photography so popular?

How to Get Apps, Plug-ins and Extensions for CorelDRAW X8

Photographers have a saying:….This tutorial explains how to use LaserDrw a common stand alone control software for cheap Chinese laser engravers. This software is poorly documented, has a terrible user interface, and non-intuitive, but it works.

corellaser tutorial

We should consider ourselves lucky that the Chinese haven't figured out how to write user friendly software, yet. You need a USB dongle to access the software. The software also can be plugged into Correl Draw, but we will only be discussing the stand alone software here. The biggest conceptional problem with the software is that you can not cut vectorized lines, it can only cut out shapes. For example, suppose you want to cut a circle and so you draw a circle as a line.

LaserDrw will cut 2 lines on the path, which is completely a crazy thing to do. You would think that it would just cut any line as a vector, but it doesn't. It only interprets the transition between black and white as a cut. The solution then is to fill in your circle with a paint pour, then it only see's a single white black transition, and creates a single cut line.

If you import a DXF,DWG,WMF file or other vectorized format directly, it will cut two lines, so you have to fix up these formats by bringing them into a paint program like Gimp, and then do a black color pour on all of the insides of the objects to be cut.

If you have holes or other cut outs from the main body, these can be left white, and they will be cut out, since they have a different color than the main body. The color pour in Inkscape doesn't work great, so it's better to do with a rasterized image in a paint program like Gimp. All rights Reserved. There is no guarantee for any information on this website. Use at your own risk. Using with Solidworks Create a drawing in Solid Works with scale Make sure that there is no sheet format, so delete it so that the page is white.

In the tree, right click on sheet and select properties. Set the scale to and set the sheet size to "Custom" and enter the drawing width and height in mm.

File save as png. Then open the png file in Gimp or other drawing program. Use the color pour the "Bucket" icon, and fill in the shape with black. Use DPI.

Using CorelDraw with the Epilog Laser Cutter

Save and import into laser draw. Suggested Image Creation Software The following two awesome open source programs are completely free to use: Gimp - Use gimp for editing photos and rasterized images.

Inkscape - Use Inkscape for vector graphics. Vectors or line art are used when you want to cut instead of engrave.

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The biggest problem with the software is getting everything to scale properly. If you want to cut correctly dimensioned parts, then make sure you save your document with a known document size.By Roger Wambolt. Some of these are available as a free download and some require payment. This short tutorial will show you how you can access these apps, how to download, how to purchase if payment is required, how to view the product info and technical information, how to remove and reinstall.

Thanks for watching! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. Download your FREE day trial for Windows or Mac and break down creative barriers with the new collaboration tools, variable fonts, AI-based effects and image enhancements, and much more.

Using the Polygon Tool

Break down creative barriers with CorelDRAW Graphics Suiteyour go-to graphic design software for professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more. A complete design suite for home and students. Edit photos and create reports, drawings, flyers, ads, business cards, logos and more. With plenty of room to sketch, paint and design, this medium-sized tablet is a popular choice for artists and designers. I still do not see the Extensions area to get the macro for the Calendar Wizard.

I was able to get it on another PC with the full version Not academic and that one did show the Extensions section on the Get more Docker. Any ideas? You can find details on the differences between the available features in commercial and non-commercial licenses of CorelDRAW in this comparison matrix. Hello, The company I work for just upgraded to Corel X8 and now we are attempting to install the plugin for our Graphtec cutter, which is CutMaster 4.

Can someone please tell me how I go about adding the CutMaster plugin to my Corel. Of course! I have coreldraw x8 and would like the plugin to be able to make in there and send to my laser cutter how can i do this please. What is the make and model of your laser cutter?

Print drivers and plugins, if available, are made by the manufacturer. If a plugin is not available, you can use the Export function to save your project in a format that the cutter can read, such as DXF or AI, and then import it into your cutter software for production.

I have corel I have downloaded the calendar wizard when I go to open it the program shuts down everytime. Thank you for getting in touch! We have contacted the technical support team about this issue, and an agent will be contacting you directly to help with this. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. HDR High Dynamic….You'll learn how to create a new document and how to import a pre-existing design, then how to properly format that design and send it to the laser cutter.

CorelDraw is a Windows only vector design program. At AS, we only have one computer with CorelDraw installed, so we recommended that you design outside of CorelDraw, using it only for job setup and printing. Our laser cutter computer is located directly to the right of the machine, you will find the software shortcut on the desktop on the computer, double click on it to open.

On this screen, you must decide whether you want to create a new document or import a design that you have already prepared. The orientation of your document and the laser cutter are the same, the X direction is the width of your document and the direction that the X Carriage of the laser cutter travels.

Likewise, the Y direction is the height of your document and is the direction that the Y Carriage that the laser cutter travels. The home position for both is the top-left corner. Vector cutting is when the machine is tracing the shapes of the vectors cutting through the material.

If we want to cut shapes out of our material, this is the mode we want the laser to be in. In order to the machine to cut an object out, we have to set the properties of that object to the following:.

Rastering is when the machine is engraving a graphic into the material, it is a similar process to an inkjet printer except that it removes materials to create the graphic instead of adding layers of ink. Raster engraving is a bit more forgiving than vectoring, we have some room for experimenting with different settings.

This is how the machine is about to etch a complex graphic into a piece of material. Any colors will be mapped to a gray scale mode and will etch to depth somewhere in between Black and White. Once you have gone through and properly formatted all of your vector cuts and rasters, you are ready to set up the appropriate machine settings based on the material that you are using. This is a very crucial step! Failure to pay attention to all the settings and you may ruin a perfect piece of material.

To edit the machine settings, first enter the general print menu. The laser shows up just like a normal home printer machine. This is where you adjust all of the machines settings according to the material that you are using. Please check out the materials guide located above the machine, and also check out the Epilog recommended settings. Especially if you think it is made of vinyl, pvc, or any chlorinated material.

If you are engraving any objects into the material, you need to select what resolution you want the machine to operate at. It has the ability to do high resolution dpi max for really delicate and detailed engraving, but it also has the ability to do low res work 75 dpi min for rough sketches or mark making.

An important to know if that job time increases significantly with an increase in resolution. If you are just prototyping, its usually best to keep the resolution low. By default, this will be set to be off, which means you need to manually focus the machine. If you want to use the auto focus feature on the machine, click on the button to activate it.Home Updates Recent Searches corellaser More Microsoft Office Professional Microsoft Office Professional is the new and improved addition to the extremely popular version.

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